Mahendra & Monia @ Dallas Palms

While East-Coast was having record breaking snow this month, Dallas was on 70’s. Mahendra and Monia took advantage of it and had their beautiful wedding ceremony outdoor at Dallas Palms. Even though it took some time to reach Dallas due to snow in East-Coast, I finally made to Dallas to capture their Big Day. Perfect Couple, Perfect weather, perfect venue and perfect decor made my job easy to document this beautiful wedding. Congratulations Mahendra and Monia! Wish you both a very best …


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Location: Dallas Palms, Lal Quilla | Event: We Plan | DJ: DJ Momo

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  1. Congrats to one of the most beautiful couple I know. I wish you all the love, happiness and joy in the world. Sorry to have missed an important day in your life.

  2. I have known u both for so long n you guys r my best people. You both looks awesome, very sad I missed my bestfren’s wedding. I wish I could be there for you. I love u both alot n hope to have another trip hehe.

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